Laura Gill

Laura Gill Landscape artist of the year series

Self-taught (with the exception of two one week courses at GSA) Laura starting painting seriously after giving up work to care for her elderly parents.  Landscapes are her favourite, and living in Dunblane, Scotland, the local scenery provides plenty of inspiration, as does the Cairngorms, the West Coast and the Hebrides. The ever (and fast) changing light and weather often inspires the urge to “drop everything and paint”.  As well as appearing on Landscape Artist of the Year, Laura has won several awards, has had work hung in RSA London, been short listed for RSA Edinburgh twice, and won The McFarlane Prize at the Royal Institute for Fine Art and listed this year for the Scottish Portrait Awards. Laura has, as well as selling her own pieces, completed many commissions, saying “to be trusted to capture a precious memory or a favourite view is quite an honour”.  Her work has sold to many visitors and now hangs in homes all over the UK, Middle East, North America and all the way to Tasmania in Australia.