Owen Lennox

Owen lennox Portrait artist of the year series

Owen has had a long career as a practising artist and educator. Since 2013, he has concentrated on painting. Although Owen has successfully completed several interesting portrait commissions; including those of politicians, sports personalities, and celebrities. His work is not limited to portraiture as landscape and genre painting also feature heavily in his oeuvre. Owen’s preferred method of working is painting from direct observation. This is not always practical, so the use of photography is employed. Owen enjoys painting landscapes and plein air, especially in Spain, where he has a studio. Genre studio paintings are generally made up of the juxtaposition of familiar objects set in a composition to create a narrative. Owen studied Fine Art, at the Sheffield School of Art, known for its tradition of representational art, in the 70s. Owen has had solo exhibitions in the UK and Spain as well as participating in many group shows.